Welcome to The Open Group "Open Wiki"

Login link Welcome to The Open Group “Open Wiki”. This is a wiki site for open collaboration allowing both Open Group member and non-member access. If you are working on an Open Group member only activity, please use the Councils Wiki.

The wiki is currently divided into topic areas as shown in the left navigation panel .

To access content you need to Login first, then select a link in the left panel to jump to a section and browse or input suggestions or scroll down this page to learn more about using the Wiki.


Anything submitted to this wiki is considered to be covered by the Open Group Membership Agreement, If you don't agree to this, don't submit it!

Submissions to this wiki are monitored and The Open Group reserves the right to modify or remove any inappropriate content.

How to Use the Wiki

To access content you need to Login. Login with your web user ID (from www.opengroup.org).

Anyone who is logged in to the wiki can edit any page to add or update information under the sections on the navigation menu. You need to login (top right) to the wiki before you can edit or create pages. The login id and password are the same as on the main corporate web server (Select Remember me when you login and you won't need to login to the wiki every time you visit.)

To create a new page, edit the page where you want to start from and add an internal link to your new page. You can do this by hitting the Internal Link button on the editing tool bar. Next, just type the text that you want as your link in place of “Internal Link” in the tag that the button generates. When you have finished editing, save the page.

Once you have saved it, you will be able to select the new link and create your new page.

New Users Start Here

If you are new to the Wiki please take a moment to read through this section.

A 60 second tutorial on how to create your first wiki web page

Follow this link on Hints and Tips - for a page of helpful advice on creating and editing wiki pages.

If you want to return to the Wiki home page at any time, selecting the Wiki logo in the top left of the page.

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