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This is a resource intended for the OpenPegasus community to share information.

Anyone who is logged in to the wiki can edit any page to add or update information. You need to login (bottom right) to the wiki before you can edit or create pages. The login id and password are the same as on the main OpenPegasus web server (Select Remember me when you login and you won't need to login to the wiki every time you visit.)

In order to login you need to be a member of the pegasus-l mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list and get a login and password, please visit the OpenPegasus website.

To create a new area, edit the page where you want to start from and add an internal link to your new page. You can do this by hitting the Internal Link button on the editing tool bar. Next, just type the text that you want as your link in place of “Internal Link” in the tag that the button generates. When you have finished editing, save the page.

Once you have saved it, you will be able to select the new link and create your new page.

The sections below are a first cut at providing a little structure to the site. There are almost certainly better solutions, please feel free to add other categories or suggest how to organize things better.

Open Pegasus News Overview

See the OpenPegasus WIKI news page for current information about what is happening in the OpenPegasus project. The following is a summary of recent entries into the OpenPegasus news with link to the full item on the news page.


Anything submitted to this wiki is considered to be covered by the OpenPegasus License, If you don't agree to this, don't submit it!

Submissions to this wiki are monitored and The Open Group reserves the right to modify or remove any inappropriate content.

New Users Start Here

The following pages have useful information which will help you to get started using this wiki. Before creating pages, please take a moment to look at the Namespace Rules. This will help us to maintain some structure within the wiki.

Hints and Tips - a page of helpful advice on creating and editing pages

Namespace Rules - namespace rules for this wiki

Playground - somewhere that you can experiment with creating pages

OpenPegasus FAQ

Go here - Frequently Asked Questions - for the FAQs

Developer Topics

Go here - Developer Topics - for topics of interest to developers

This includes release status for forthcoming OpenPegasus releases.

User Topics

Go here - User Topics - for topics of interest to users

Architecture Team Topics

Go here - Architecture Team Topics - for topics dealing with the workings of the architecture team including information on telecons, meetings, etc.


Go here - Documentation Topics - for documentation topics and links

Technical Discussions

Go here - Technical Discussions - for technical topics

(The ManDevCon wiki page can be found in this section.)

Private Areas

Steering Committee

This is a link to a private Steering Committee area

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