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OpenPegasus Release Status and Information Summary

The following tables contain core information about each OpenPegasus release including those in active development. There is a status page for each release “Release Status Page” that contains detailed information about the current status of released, in development, or pre-release versions of OpenPegasus. For released OpenPegasus vesions, the release files are located on the OpenPegasus WEB ZIP and GZIP source files and Source RPM for each version. Today there are some missing fields for older releases and in the future the links to Release files will be maintained here. The same information on released versions is maintained on the OpenPegasus Web.

Table of Maintained Releases

Release Status Page Status Release Date Release Notes Release Files Release CVS Tag Bugs Comments
2.15.0 Development Est July 2015 NA NA NA Target Approved CVS Head of tree. Next Planned Release
2.14.x <fc blue> Top Level page for 2.14 releases </fc>
2.14.1 Released 31 March 2015 PEP 368 HTML TAR ZIP RPM RELEASE_2_14_1 Target Approved Current OpenPegasus Release Released to fix a blocker problem in 2.14.0 with test certificates.
2.14.0 Released 27 March 2015 PEP 368 HTML PDF TAR ZIP RPM RELEASE_2_14_0 Target Approved Superceeded by 2.14.1
2.14.2 Development Est. July 2015 NA NA Target Approved CVS 2.14 Branch Open for patches
2.13.X <fc blue> Top Level page for 2.13 releases </fc>
2.13.1 Development October 2013 NA NA NA
2.13.0 Released 19 July 2013 PEP 366 ZIP TAR RPM RELEASE_2_13_0 Previous Release Note: There is a compile bug in Windows. See bug 9767
2.12.X <fc blue> Top Level page for 2.12 releases </fc>
2.12.1 Released March 2013 PEP 364 ZIP TAR RPM RELEASE_2_12_1 Previous Release
2.12.0 Released Sept. 2012 PEP 364 ZIP, TAR, RPM RELEASE_2_12_0 Original 2.12 release. Superseded by 2.12.1

Table of Obslete Releases Releases

Releases in this table are NO longer maintained, minor versions released or have new bug defined.

Release Status Page Status Release Date Release Notes Release Files Release CVS Tag Bugs Comments
2.11.X Top Level page for 2.11 releases
2.11.3 In Process FIXME RELEASE_2_11_3 Added to 2.11 Release plans as part of short release for 2.14
2.11.2 In Process 20 Apr 2013 PEP 359 ZIP, TAR, RPM RELEASE_2_11_2 Released 28 April 2013
2.11.1 Released Sept 2011 PEP 359 ZIP, TAR, RPM RELEASE_2_11_1 Previous Release. Superseded by 2.12.1
2.11.0 Released May 2011 PEP 359 ZIP, TAR, RPM RELEASE_2_11_0 Superseded by 2.12.0
2.10.X Top Level page for all 2.10 releases
2.10.0 Released March 2010 PEP 355 ZIP, TAR, RPM RELEASE_2_10_0 Superceded by 2.11.0
2.10.1 Never Released Obsolete Obsolete

Table of Obsolete, Unsupported older releases

Table of previous releases no longer supported1)

OpenPegasus Release Information Version Wiki Page Status Release Date Comments
OpenPegasus 2.9.X Release Status Overall Page for all 2.9 Releases
OpenPegasus 2.9.0 Released Superceeded by 2.9.1
OpenPegasus 2.9.1 Released Not Supported effective with 2.12.0 release
OpenPegasus 2.9.2 In Process
OpenPegasus 2.9.3 Planned No Dates Set
OpenPegasus 2.8.X Release Overall Page for all 2.8 Releases
OpenPegasus 2.8.0 Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.8.1 Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.8.2 Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.8.3 Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.7.X Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.6.X Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.5.X Release Released Obsolete
OpenPegasus 2.4.X Release Released Obsolete


Obsolete Diagram


1) Pegasus supports current release and two back versions.
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